AC Repair

Airfreshhome Services is able to repair any AC system of any brand and at a low cost for both residential or commercial projects. We will explain any issues we might encounter and we will perform the repair efficiently and affordably. Our rates are low for parts and labor, and we offer first class customer service.


Air conditioning repairs are mostly seasonal. Usually this type of device tends to break down in the hot months, when we use it the most, and it is that for a large part of the year it usually remains off, a fact that makes maintenance of the air conditioning essential and a thorough check when we are going to turn it on again.

Air conditioning repair services

Air conditioning repairs and maintenance are easier than those carried out on other household appliances. In fact, some of the repairs can be done at home, such as changing the filter.

Other repairs to air conditioning equipment require a technician specialized in this refrigeration system since electrical problems or breakdowns may arise that require more complex solutions.

Air conditioning repairs are very common. The most common causes that can cause failures in the installation are continuous misuse or long months of inactivity. This can condition the proper functioning of the air conditioning.

Contacting a specialized repair service is the best way to ensure a long-term repair. Air conditioning works through a very particular and specific system, to repair it correctly and effectively it is necessary to know the operation of the indoor unit, the thermostat, the process followed by the refrigerant gases and the outdoor unit. Only a specialized repair company is capable of making an adequate repair that extends the useful life of the appliance.

Modificación de la Ley de Consumidores

Con el fin de ampliar los plazos de garantía de los electrodomésticos, el martes 27 de abril de 2021 el gobierno modificó la ley de consumidores, que indica que todos aquellos electrodomésticos que se compren en España tendrán una garantía de, al menos, 3 años y los fabricantes estarán obligados a disponer de suficientes piezas para repararlos durante 10 años, como mínimo. Con ello, el ministerio de consumo pretende alargar la vida de los electrodomésticos en el hogar, apoyando, además, la economía circular y motivando así la opción de reparación de dichos aparatos, antes que la nueva adquisición de los mismos.

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