Office Installation


When facing an air conditioning project for office buildings, there are two fundamental requirements, both from the point of view of user comfort and energy efficiency: lighting and air quality, as these are the environmental conditions What greater repercussion will they have on the health and productivity of workers and on the energy bill. Therefore, air conditioning in offices is of paramount importance on these two pillars that we have just mentioned: health and efficiency.

From a study carried out for Fenercom (Fundación de la Energía de la Comunidad de Madrid) to which reference is made in the Guide to energy audits in office buildings in the Community of Madrid, it is obtained that energy consumption in offices is distributed according to the following way:

Cooling: 30%
Illumination: 28%
Heating: 20%
Office automation: 4%
DHW: 3%
The remaining 15% corresponds to categories that individually do not reach 3%.
The greatest weight falls on the thermal installations and lighting, therefore the actions on the air conditioning in offices and a correct use of them, will be what will report greater energy savings.

In this article we are going to focus on the chapter on thermal installations and specifically on the air conditioning of office buildings. We will deal with the points that we consider essential in this type of facility: air quality as an end, the main components of a facility, and the importance of maintenance in this type of facility.