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At Airfreshome you will find high-quality residential air conditioners to air-condition all types of installations. The function of our residential air conditioners is to extract the heat from the place and expel it to the outside, carrying out a refrigeration cycle.

We have an expert group specialized in the installation and maintenance of residential air conditioners if you require these services, if you are only looking for the product we can also help you.

Remember that without a good installation of an air conditioner in any room, the performance of this equipment will not be in the best way. We take care of offering you the best advice so that you can choose the perfect equipment, with the characteristics and dimensions according to your needs.

Types of residential air conditioning and how to choose the right one
Mini Split Air Conditioner

It cools the space without the need for a duct, its maintenance is very simple, it is also one of the most requested air conditioners due to its good functionality and it mostly adapts to any space in residential areas.

Features of the Mini Split model
power memory
easy wash panel
Two-sided installation
4D airflow
Self cleaning


Air conditioning Floor Ceiling

Residential floor-to-ceiling air conditioners exhaust hot air to the outside through a hose that can be embedded in a wall or ceiling. It also offers convenience and comfort to residences. It also has Inverter and Conventional systems.

Advantages of residential floor-to-ceiling air conditioning
aesthetic design
Low consumption
High Efficiency Air Purifying Filter
Automatically controlled airflow
low noise level

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