Maintenance service

When we install an air conditioning unit, we must take into account that throughout its useful life it is more than advisable to carry out maintenance on it, to avoid possible breakdowns or failures. In this way, we guarantee that the equipment works properly, we improve its performance and avoid the appearance of possible breakdowns.

Next, we will tell you what are the keys to maintaining air conditioning systems and what you should take into account to do it in an optimal and professional way.

How is air conditioning maintained?

Before beginning with the maintenance of our air conditioning, in the event that we suspect that the equipment is not working correctly, we recommend contacting an air conditioning professional to supervise the installation and verify the performance of the device, that there are no elements that outlets are blocked, that there are no refrigerant leaks, etc.

The indoor unit of the split air conditioner requires simple maintenance that can be carried out by the user himself. On the one hand, we must carry out the periodic cleaning of the air conditioning filters and on the other, the cleaning of the drain. In this way, dirt is prevented from accumulating inside the indoor unit, which causes the equipment’s performance to drop, produces greater energy consumption and can even cause failures or breakdowns.

Clean air conditioning filters

The filters that contain the air conditioning equipment filter the air by absorbing dust particles, pollen to prevent them from reaching the environment and keeping the air clean.

For this reason, it is advisable to periodically clean the air conditioning filters, at least once a year, before the season begins.

To carry out this maintenance work, we must:

Open the air conditioning cover, behind the grill we find the air conditioning filters. They will have to be removed to clean the air conditioning filters.
You have two options: clean them with a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust and dirt that may be present, or use cold water to clean them completely. In this case, put them to dry in the shade, never in the sun to avoid deformation (later they may not fit back into the appliance).
Once clean, the air conditioning filters are reintroduced into the air conditioning unit in the same position and the air conditioning unit will be ready to work.